So I really shouldn’t start too much with a play on words about how for me black Friday was in fact a bit more about being so dark and depressing, after all I did get out in the sun for a bit, re-read parts of one of my favorite books, chatted with my neighbor about all she has to do this coming week, fended off waves of strange and yet undiagnosed impending nausea, and took a revelatory (<—no, spellcheck, that’s a word) walk about 10 yards today.

But today is a little black, a little charred, a little over-baked and crispy.

See for someone like me, this whole “wait and see,” “God’s got a plan,” “Higher Power more will be revealed,” is a little like someone saying after I’ve spilled oil all over the floor, “Ok, stay here, I’m going to go get something to clean up this mess, but I’m not sure when I’ll be back or if I’ll be bringing enough to clean it all up or not, you’ll just have to wait and see. Oh and I can’t promise what I’ll return with, or when I’m coming back, but stay here and don’t move.”

Uhm…. Ok. Can I track you with my GPS?

And I hope to goodness they’re going to get the paper towels I’m used to because I love that brand and they’ve always worked in the past and I want to tell them, “WAIT, before you leave, let me tell you where to buy them. Here’s the directions to the store right up the street, here’s the isle where they’re located, this is how much they cost, here’s the money for it, and according to the latest traffic report and my calculations, you should be back in no longer than 30 minutes and we’ll have this all wrapped up and resolved shortly thereafter.”

But as of late it seems the universe doesn’t operate like a short order cook or drive-through. I suppose that’s a plus, seeing that the menu isn’t limited to two large placards and limited time offers, but I get annoyed with these surprise chef specials. I want to be prepared and know what, where, when, why and how. I want to be part of the plan, part of the action, part of the “figure outer” formula underway. I do not, contrarily, want to be part of this “what are we waiting for sitting in stone gobbledygook.” (<—yes, spellcheck, a word, this time you are correct.)

Whoever said inaction is an action I think was really busy, and needed a break.

Hope everyone’s start to the holiday shopping (or sitting) went well.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
—Carl Sagan