Writing about hard things with a hopeful slant.

Balancing life, 12-step recovery, and living with a brain injury.

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Who is Amy London?

I have always been a writer.

I just never believed it.

Until now.

For years I was a self-sufficient over-achiever with intermittent loafer tendencies. I prided myself on how I didn’t need anyone to get where I was going, I was doing a mighty fine job of it myself.

All that changed one summer.


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Amy’s Adventures of Being

Little life lessons in everyday experiences.

  • Steel wire mesh fence with frozen icicles hanging from it stretched for miles against a winter terrain.

The Conditions of COVID

December 2nd, 2021 3:08pm|0 Comments

“Well we’ve all had COVID get in the way of something the past year, haven’t we?” the airline ticket agent said to arouse emp [...]

Recent Publications

Flash Stories

Surviving Brain Injury: Stories of Strength and InspirationLogo of the online journal The Nasiona

The Nasiona Writing Prompts Tournament #6

Micro-Nonfiction / Poetry writing prompts series #6: “When I Learned I Was Different Is. . .”

Storied around the experience of identifying early on with the LGBT community.

The Nasiona elevates, and amplifies the personal stories of those “Othered” by systems of oppression and dominant cultures.

Top 6 finalist.

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Anthologized Essay

Surviving Brain Injury: Stories of Strength and Inspiration

Surviving Brain Injury: Stories of Strength and Inspiration

A collection of stories by almost 90 brain injury survivors from across the world – all brought together by an invisible injury that affects so many, yet isn’t understood by the majority of people.

These stories offer strength and inspiration to fellow survivors and help others understand the journey they go through.

Midwest Book Award finalist.

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“Smart, Fresh, Inspired and Thought Provoking.”

“Her raw honesty speaks to all humans, experiencing all of life’s challenges and joys and leaves one feeling connected. She has a talent for pulling the covers off the struggles we all face and taking away their illusive power by sprinkling them with a bit of levity and humor. Simply refreshing!
Noelle G., Operations Manager

“The strongest themes deal with humility and recovery. The silly notes are much more subtle. She plumbs the depths of darkness with a ladylike sweetness.”

Lucinda B., Website Designer

“Amy’s writings have become welcome guests in my life. Her stories have all of the comfort of coffee with an old friend, one that knows me and my struggles.”

Mitchell L., Musician & Poker Pro

“Amy writes highly sensorial, descriptive, and even poetic slice-of-life scenes, often with an underlying inspirational message.”

Rebecca G., Grant Writer